• During the 1800’s, Ute Indians and pioneer hunters roamed the peaceful valley that is present-day Vail.

• In 1845-56, mountain explorers, Jim Bridger and Lord Gore, explored the area. The high mountain peaks surrounding Vail to the east were named the Gore Range by Bridger in honor of his friend.

• In the 1940’s, a group of ski enthusiasts from the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division were exposed to the area’s majestic mountains while training at Camp Hale near Leadville during World War II.

• Following the war, veteran 10th Mountain Division soldiers Pete Seibert, Bill “Sarge” Brown and Bob Parker returned to the Gore Valley with dreams of establishing a ski area in the beautiful mountain area. Through hard work and endless dreaming, Vail was established by the trio in 1962.